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How to find and fix JVM reliability running Java

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This tutorial explains the tools and techniques for finding faults in applications that make use of the Java Virual Machine (JVM).

Languages that use the JVM include

  • Java
  • Scala
  • JPython
  • RubyPython
  • etc.

Potential root causes

  • Configuration settings inappropriate (defaults)
  • Network equipment failure
  • Network delays
  • Server hardware (memory, inappropriate cache size)
  • Inadequate free disk space
  • Code causing memory leaks
  • Inefficient coding techniques


  • Delays in response time (due to garbage collection, slow database access, etc.)
  • Memory leaks
  • CPU spikes
  • Heavy disk usage (thrashing, swapping)
  • etc.

The tools

  1. Operating System level metrics (collected by Microsoft Windows Perfmon, etc.)
  2. Operating System log storage and analysis

  3. Application logs storage and analysis
  4. Application log readers

  5. JMX to collect from JVM Garbage Collection
  6. JVM Garbage Collection log readers

  7. Operating System thread dump readers

  8. Java Code Profilers to identify resources consumed by specific objects

  9. Debuggers (run one line at a time)

  10. Static code analyzers (such as SonarQube)
  11. Code linters

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