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Git Rebase

Make it appear that you only made one edit before pushing to the team repo

Why Git?

Git stores versions of files in GitHub for backup and version management

.NET profiling

Here's how to use Redgate ANTS to make C# really sing on NerdDinner

Time Series

See all 4 dimensions (time) in Tableau visualizations

White Noise

See if listening to this helps you concentrate and be a better person

Python Robot

A robot python mimics what human users do to entertain real developers

Testing AI

What can possibly go wrong with robots smarter than humans?


Notebooks that displays HTML markup between executable Python code


Sample Java Spring app for your abuse and amusement



This is the last framework you'll ever need to switch to, just like ReactJs. And Angular.

IoT Clouds

The value of IoT is the wisdom from analytics and notifications

News feeds

Ways to get out of the Facebook echo chamber


Now THIS is the industry standard. REST API is so last season.

IoT Camera

How to setup a camera on the Raspberry Pi 3B and other boards

JVM Profilers

Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, memory leaks, and threading issues


Write and test native desktop apps in JavaScript within Node.JS


Microsoft made it free, as in if you have a license for Visual Studio


He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake ...

MacOS Apps

OSX Applications for a long, prosperous, happy life


He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake ...

Intel IoT setup

It will do what you want if ask correctly, in the proper sequence

Text Editors

One second saved per minute = 1.666% better living


An index of my work on IoT


How the computer gets you to do what you should be doing now

Eclipse IDE

Open source and free. But losing market to licensed


The kick-ass secure front-end web server proxy

AI Ecosystem

Here are the corporate overlords are making humans into robots