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How I feed via deliveries by UPS, FedEx, and USPS, instead of dining in different restaurants during the pandemic.

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Since I live in a remote area during the pandemic and thus out of reach from restaurants (and PrimeNow, DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber, Postmates, Instacart, Zomato, etc.), I’ve had to depend on UPS, FedEx, and USPS trucks deliverying packages from on-line markets.

Here are my favorites (and not so favorites) from those markets.

Salt, Fat, and Sugar

My favorite food groups!

Sooo bad for you. But sooo good!

Butter buscuits offers all 3. Kerry Gold, mailed from Caroll’s Gifts in Ireland. $10 US for two boxes.

Korean BBQ Bulgogi “fire meat” (rib-eye, short-rib beef, chicken, pork marinated in soy sauce) shipped in a $19.99 foam box with cold packs from Omonausa.com. Free shipping for orders over $200.

Big stores

(Cost Plus) worldmarket.com has food from around the world

Amazon.com has a “gourmet” section. Using the Amazon Visa card gets us 5% back. PROTIP: Beware that some items are marked up by those who resell stuff from elsewhere.

If you like Whole Foods for their wokeness but hate Amazon, ThriveMarket.com carries many of the same shelf items. Note they ask for $60/year membership.

Walmart.com also has a 5% rebate when using their credit card.

Target, surprisingly, has great prices. They have a gluten free food section.

Costco.com Grocery delivers free over $75. But, as you know, selection is limited and their membership is $100/year.

Specialty stores


Many wild game meats (venison, pheasant, quail, rabbit, etc.) are known to be high in purines which cause gout inflammation.

That’s also the case with organ meats (“sweetbreads”) such as liver, kidney, tongue, heart.

Salmon and shellfish seems to be an exception to fish with high purine levels, in that most gout sufferers don’t have a problem with it.


Washington State Univerity’s Cougar Cheese got a Highly Recommend” rating on Bon Appetit! “Refrigerate upon arrival” $25.00 per 30-ounce can (plus shipping) in 8 flavors: Cougar Gold® (aged 14 months), Natural Cheddar (aged at least a year), Smoky Cheddar, Viking (similar to a Monterey Jack), Dill Garlic, Sweet Basil, Hot Pepper, Crimson Fire


(Avoid beets, okra, rhubarb, turnips which contain high levels of oxalates which increase uric acid levels in the blood.)



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