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This is a hands-on tutorial on installing SAP HANA Express in a HXE virtual instance running under VMWare Fusion 8 on a Mac.

Get Download Manager

PROTIP: Instead of downloading the “Getting_Started_HANAexpress_VM.pdf”, look at the webpage

You’ll still need the Download Manager, though.

  1. Use an internet browser to


  2. http://sap.com/sap-hana-express
    is a vanity URL that reroutes to

  3. Click Other to download HXEDownloadManager.jar

  4. Run it to open the Download Manager GUI.


  5. Keep defaults of Image Virtual Machine checked.
  6. Uncheck the “Getting Started”.
  7. Select “Server only” and press OK.

    Selecting “Server + applications” means development apps, which include XS Advanced (XSA) and Web IDE. These you can download later.


  8. In VMWare, select “Open a Virtual Machine”.

  9. Click Play.

    The pdf downloaded provides these credentials:

    • At the hxehost login prompt, enter hxeadm
    • For Password enter the temporary password HXEHana1

  10. Follow the Getting Started to change passwords, assign IP, etc.

    QUESTION: Is there a shell script that can do all that?

    It will “stop working after the default grace period of 60-90 days.”

  11. Start SAP HANA studio to get the Hardware Key for registration on