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“S01” and such in file refer to these values which designates the file’s usage.


  • S01-Landing – Landing page from URL only for connection variability testing. This may be the page that comes with the web container (IIS, Apache, Jetty, etc.).

  • S02-Home_page for the page that appears when the application is invoked. Appearance of this page indication that the application is “alive”, and can deliver resources. This page can be used for connection load testing.


  • S03-Sign-up to build user database build timing tests.

  • S04-Log-in for authentication load testing.

  • S05-Menu traversal for variety and to ensure menus can be invoked in order to reach functionality to be load tested.

  • S06-Add for app transaction DB build timings.

  • S07-Updates for app user variety.

  • S08-Report for app user mix load testing.

  • S09-Deletes needed for emulating real work patterns during longitudinal/soak load test.

  • There may be additional ones such as pure API access.


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