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Getting ready for when cars drive themselves, seats in sedans will be replaced by convertible beds and tables in vans

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This article is a catalog of ideas to allocate equipment and space for living and traveling in a van, collected from watching (too many) van tour videos. It’s like Origami paper folding – how to fit as many conveniences as possible in a small cramped space so you can go where you don’t know.

NOTE: Content here are my personal opinions, and not intended to represent any employer (past or present). “PROTIP:” here highlight information I haven’t seen elsewhere on the internet because it is hard-won, little-know but significant facts based on my personal research and experience.


  1. Van vs travel trailer or camper?
  2. Complete builds and basic requirements
  3. My wish list (basic requirements)
  4. Sample Builds

  5. 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design software tool)
  6. High Profile Vans (for stand-up desk)
  7. Lifestyle Stories

  8. Seating
  9. Flooring
  10. Walls
  11. Insulation from cold, heat, noise
  12. Security

  13. Air flow (vents to outdoor)
  14. Cabinetry and Storage
  15. Bed
  16. Cooking
  17. Refigerator
  18. Entertainment
    • Electrical
    • Lighting
    • Solar Panel, Controller, etc.
  19. Water
  20. Toilet
  21. Laundry

  22. Converters
  23. Bloggers
  24. Dealers

TODO: A VR/AR project to visualize various configurations within a small van built for living off-the-grid for a short time.

Van vs travel trailer or camper?


Pro builds

There are several companies that build a complete van for you (for a price):

Sample Builds

Like classic car enthusiasts, Part of the fun of building something yourself is showing it off:

My Use Case

I travel as a couple with perhaps a dog, so I don’t need:

  1. Extra passenger seats behind driver.

  2. A “dinette” seating for 4 because I don’t anticipate holding a dinner party

My wish list (prioritized)

Below is a prioritized list of features:

  1. High (9 inch) clearance and four-wheel drive for off-road.

  2. A high-profile van so I don’t creek my neck or bump my head.

    A top-top doesn’t have the insulation for cold clinates.

  3. For work: Stand-up & sit-down desk with comfy chair

  4. 50” 4K second monitor above desk. Swivels for viewing while on bed.

  5. Vents (from fridge, overhead fan, etc.) to top of vehicle instead of on the side.

  6. “Four-season” insulation is useful not just to conserve heating fuel costs (and weight) but also keeping heat out in the summer.

  7. Queed/king bed. This may mean a flare to widen the vehicle so the bed fits.

  8. Bed in back of van for weight distribution?

  9. Two-people living: somewhat “soundproof” divider between bed and seating area

  10. Toilet away from bed area.

  11. Near door: Shoe closet.

  12. Jackets can be in pillowcase on bed during day,

  13. Duffle bags in driver & passenger seat when parked.

  14. Shower can be a lift-up curtain - near door.

  15. Washing machine. Is there a small one?

  16. Instead of build-in stove, heating plate and toaster oven when needed.

  17. Blue colored on ceiling to make it seem like the sky.

  18. Art frames as doors.

Lifestyle Stories

The Millionaire Pitcher that Lives in a Van

21 Year old

We’re the Russos Joe Russo who wrote $4 Kindle Edition: Take Risks: One Couple’s Journey to Quit Their Jobs and Hit the Open Road

Audi’s VP of brand strategy and digital business, Sven Schuwirth, predicted that “Business travellers will be able to avoid taking domestic flights to meetings and will sleep and work in their cars en route instead of checking into city-centre hotels. Cars will increasingly resemble mobile apartments. And service stations along highways will evolve to support them, offering drivers facilities for washing, dining and shopping.” Like Flying J does now for truckers.




van solid model 946x800*

van ram-promaster-campervan_large *

VIDEO: SketchUp</>

$20 Downloadable 2002 - 2013 Ford Transit Connect Camper Van Conversion Plans and Templates

Design using a 3D design program to

  • https://all3dp.com/best-3d-printing-software-tools/
  • https://www.blender.org/download/
  • http://www.freecadweb.org/

High profile vans (for stand-up desk)

This is a must-have for me, and the whole reason for getting a high-top van in which I can stand up.

https://www.ramtrucks.com/ Dodge Ram ProMaster High Roof models have 76” height with 159” wide wheel-base.

STRATEGY: Since I won’t be sleep while I use the stand-up desk, put the desk above the bed. But this means I have to always clean up my desk before going to sleep.

VIDEO: DIY Flip-down 34” Ultra-wide (21:9) 3440 x 1440 pixel monitor

So is it worth the risk of tip-over when blown by a fast wind? Newer Mercedes vans have stabilization feature.

Alternately, have a pop-up roof, which would be only for summer use, though.

  • Bed desk. (It’s a hassle to converted desk to bed every day)

  • Leg raiser (pillow bag containing clothes or extra fabric) to use bed as desk

  • Knives on magnetic strips on wall

  • Retractable tie-downs

Van make and model

Vehicles high enough to allow passengers to stand up straight:

  • Chrysler vans auto-driver?

  • Sprinter vans from Dodge Ram or Mercedes. WARNING: These are rear-wheel drive. Not so good for the snow.

  • Nissan NV3500 HD Cargo vans are $28K for a V6 engine.

  • Frieghtliner new are in the high $30-40K range.

  • Ford Transit Connect (made in Turkey) has a standard 169-hp 4-cylinder for 21 miles per gallon in the city and 29 mpg on the highway,

  • Old Ford Winstar on Ebay

  • Used U.S. Postal Service Ram Promaster vans sold by GSA are great if you don’t intended on driving far or be in extreme weather. They were professionally maintained (oil changes on time, etc.)

In 2015 USPS make a 9,000 unit commitment for Ram ProMaster 2500 vans. They are powered by a gasoline 3.6L Pentastar V-6 engine that produces 280 hp and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. (while other countries buy electric vehicles) The USPS plans to hold on to this newer fleet of vehicles for at least the next twenty years.

  • Left hand drive only.
  • Back up monitor too easy to knock off the window.
  • Height of driver seat is not adjustable

Sprinter vans

outsidevan.com/van has a gallery of conversions

Mercedes Sprinter camper van insulation install

It comes in 144” (22’9” long) and 170 “extended” length (24’1” long) whereas city parking spots are 25’.

At 9’8” high, the ceiling is sloped inward.

Box trucks

Advanced-RV.com at Willoughby, Ohio are like NASA engineers building a spaceship. VIDEO: B-Box with Mercedes base. At 9’8” high, inside 78” (6’6”), with no sloped ceiling. Even more slealthy. 360 degree cameras. Antennas are hidden in the front shroud. Has low-VOC R 14 insulation based on closed-cell urathane foam. Heating is 20% of a metal-hull sprinter. 48V battery runs down 50% in 100 degree heat. 50 gal. fresh heated tanks. 54 gal. gray & black. 4 piston auto-leveling jacks. EV air suspension.

Air tabs break up vortexes forming at the back of the van. Helps with stability from one-sided stress.

Air exchange includes a ceramic heat exchanger with CO2 monitor.

Ramee Jordan’s Ford E-350 Box Truck Conversion videos

living in a U-Haul

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LijrH9NUH8A Fantastic Box-Van Converted into a Gorgeous & Rustic Tiny Cabin on Wheels CheapRVliving

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwqA7w8XuJE Ultimate DIY Budget Stealth Box Truck Conversion - $1,500 Purchase Price

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qXtmqBt0jk How to Convert a Box Truck to a Tiny House

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2nzSICDTs0 Tour My 17ft Ford E350 Box Truck Campervan - progress so far

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QHhIjFo0bg Rich’s Box Truck to RV #107 - Anniversary Edition: full project review

Ambulance conversions


Driver seat options:

  1. Swivel seat 180 degrees to work a working desk behind

    The table needs to be adjustable front/back & up/down for ergonomics to prevent repetitive injury.

    A second monitor is needed

    Electrical is neeeded to power laptop.

    A chair on the other side of the desk for two-person meals.

  2. Swivel sideways with fold-out table

    ARRANGEMENT: Drivers seat pivots to table with another seat (from Scheel-Mann)*


Passenger seat options:

  • take out the passenger seat and use the seat mounts.*

  • Small fridge near drivers seat for cold drinks.

NOTE: Duffle bags can be put in seats at night.


Floors can be the most demanding of surfaces. In addition to the same need for sound/heat/cold insulation, it also needs to be:

  • Spill waterproof so it can be hosed down (cleaned), so no gaps
  • Cushioning
  • smooth so people don’t trip over bumps
  • grippy so people don’t slip

Thus, I prefer no wall-to-wall carpets, but vinyl floors.

  • Ensure large spill can drain out (with a removeable plug to gray water tank?)

  • Like on airplanes: 4 tracks down the length of the van so I have the flexibility of rearranging walls when I want. Electrical conduits would run along,

Insulation from Heat, Cold, Noise

Tools: Fine blade jigsaw.

Between studs:

9 centimeters of insulation total for total R value of 11.2. The ARV box van has R value of 13. $380,000 RV living

Option: Use 3M 80 glue spray (which can withstand high heat) but can cause the body to bulge and warp.

  1. Thinner foam against metal - 1/2 inch layer 2 R value = 3.2
    • 1/8th inch foam and foil insulation R value = 3
  2. Reflectix
  3. Tyvek tape
  4. Thicker foam - 3/4 inch layer 1 polyisocyanurate insulation - R Value = 5

Over studs:

  • 4x8 foot Paneling or luan
    1. 1/2 inch soft foam.
    2. Face:
    • Slotted wood from Home Depot (bamboo) for “sauna look”
    • Felted panel

  1. Snap caps to cover screws.

TIP: Have a gap running along the ceiling for plugs.

TIP: Have gaps along the sides for electrical plug strip.


Kranack 298 Fibered aluminum paint

Wall panels & headliners

* Plywood is popular because it is stronger and more warp-resistance than sheets of wood. The outer layer can be finished to a cabinet-grade finish.

However, the glue the binds plywood layers contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Urea-formaldehyde resins used in ‘interior grade’ plywood, just offgases less.

Also containing high levels of urea-formaldehyde adhesives is Luan (also spelled as ‘luaun’) plywood for interior wall panels – is thin and flexible (usually found in 1/8th inch). it’s cheaper than mahogany grown in SE Asia. Note luan harvesting is stripping SE Asia of its old-growth forests at an incredible rate.

Masonite uses no glue as it is a panel product created by pressing wood fibers with steam and plenty of high pressure.

Cabinets can be made from honeycomb (Teklam or aluminum) overlaid with wood veneer (or Formica), the inside of shelves and drawers lined with Grospoint fabric (wool loop).

Cork board wall insulate?


Insulation of light and sound also means that occupants are isolated inside – blind and deaf about who is approaching (such as cops in the night).

  • Proximity cameras and microphones outside. Video and speaker inside. IoT opportunity here.

    A drone popping out the roof

  • Speaker outside to talk to people? Auto-respond when away?

  • strong door locks, but people can just break a window.

  • Fire extenguisher

  • Big safe lock inside a hidden door to keep cameras, etc.

  • Automatic dongle

  • Back-up camera (Garmin RV 760)

  • Video recorder

  • trash can with lid to contain the smell. Near the drivers seat overnigh to vent. Hides inside.

  • A metal “garage door” that rolls over windows for protection against window break-ins.

  • pocket door between seats and vanity mirror with lighting. King bed cut down. 6:40 slide-out table in back.

  • Simplisafe.com motion detector, glass break detector, temperature detector

Airflow Vent Outdoors

a) Disspant hot air out from top sucked down through electrical panel and battery area, which builds heat.

b) Vent Moist air from cooktop and shower area out.

c) Foul smelling air above toilet area out.

Vent under solar panel?


STRATEGY: Put the hot air vent so it blows into the shower area.

  • A large ceiling vent with slide-out screen and dark shade to keep out cold.

  • Drone with camera can fly out of the large vent (and return).

  • Route gas pipe through a heat exchanger to capture heat from car exhaust.

    • Fly screen around door.
  • bug screen with a magnetic strip you could hang to keep bugs out

  • roof fan/escape hatch idea.

  • Roof escape hatch build to stand up on bed to see outside.

  • composting toileta>

Dometic air conditioning unit.

Storage (Cabinetry)

BUILD STRATEGY: Lay out wires before paneling.

STRATEGY: Use lighter aluminum rather than wood. This requires more expensive welding, but is lighter.

  • Expose removeable sockets so cabinets can be attached in different arrangements.

ARRANGEMENT: Shoes near the door.

STRATEGY: Store socks inside shoes, or in a bag with shoes.

STRATEGY: Store shoes separtely from clothing.

STRATEGY: Have a barrier between soiled (smelly) clothing from clean clothing,

  • Stealth secure storage for expensive camera and Drone to take videos.

  • Custom-made bag to take up space above steering wheel between dashboard and windshield, to use wasted space for storing extra clothing. STRATEGY: A cold/light barrier is needed at night for privacy.

    PROTIP: So boxes slide out easily, don’t have a brace blocking it.

ARRANGEMENT: Space for hanging up coats and suits. Near the entrance. Does not need to be kept warm/cool.

IDEA: Closet door open to block outside door and provide more insulation.

With minimal space, the variety of food choices are more limited.

  • Paper towels hanger for easy access.

    SPACE: Space for storing extra paper goods becasuse they are sold in packs.

  • Plastic cabinets are lightest?

  • Ball-bearing slidings on drawers to hold 60 pounds each.

  • Bicycle storage tall so wheels don’t have to come off

  • canned food rotation system takes too much room.

  • windshield blinds built-in to the posts save the space of temporary covers and the hassle of making them fit correctly.

  • Space for cowboy hats hung up?

  • Space for socks, underwear

  • Space for dirty laundry bag and laundry soap jug.

  • Storage surface padded felt?

  • Storage above foot of bed to use


INTRO: A bed is the key differentiator.

SACRIFICE: Size of bed.

  • Twin “Single” 38” x 75”
  • Twin XL 38” x 80” common in college dorms.
  • Full 53” x 75”
  • Queen 60” x 80”
  • King 76” x 80”

  • Thick memory foam on a board. The board can be quite heavy.

    To keep flexible use, create a bed frame (perhaps out of pipes?) with a base for the bed, cut from 4x8 birch plywood {$50}

    OPTION: A “Murphy bed” folds up against the wall to reclaim the floor space and get the bedding out of the way.

  • Straps across bed for safety while the van is in motion.

  • ELECTRICAL: For electric blanket, an electrical plug near foot of bed. Space for chord to controller of blanket.

  • Storage Tubs under bed. http://amzn.to/2dm3yYr

  • Storage: change of bedding. Extra blankets.

  • $60 Aluminum track with O-rings to secure bike. http://amzn.to/2daW3oV

  • $22 Envelop style stretchy cargo nets on plywood hold things in place. http://amzn.to/2dsi6uU But they make the place look messy.

  • ARRANGEMENT: Controllers and switches reachable from sleeping position.


  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm (from http://simplisafe.com)

If you’re not planning on much cooking:

  • Wood stove?

    There’s something about a real wood burning fireplace that warms the heart. Maybe it’s the infra-red.

    rv wood stove dryer

  • Origo alcohol stove meant for marine use. $240 new The denatured alcohol it burns can be bought at almost any hardware store, and is much safer in an enclosed space than propane (not pressurized or silently leaking carbon monoxide).

  • $230 japanese butane, fuel is $9 per bottle. Designed for indoor use (in restaurants) as well as be taken outdoors for use. It’s small and light. But fuel is expensive and difficult to find.

  • $200 Beaver Tree kitchen in a portable plastic box with a cookstop, with room for utensils. http://domsoutdoor.com/beaver-tree-camp-kitchen-organizer/p/1-012886/

    Propane is widely available.

    Induction top take a lot of amps in battery power.

  • Adjustable level for stove so pots sit evenly. *

    ARRANGEMENT: An enclosure for fuel bottles that is sealed from passenger area, and have a drain for leaked gas going outide at the bottom. Put this near the back door, which is infrequently opened. Near the hinge of the door.

  • ARRANGEMENT: Space to hang dish brush, sponge, and dish towels where they can air out.

  • Microwave is a must-have for many at home, to cook frozen food.

  • Toaster is a luxury item!

  • Solar oven?


IDEA: Consider freeze-dried foods that are light and requires no refrigeration. With that a hot water kettle is all you need.

Some need a fridge to keep their medicines cold. A fridge helps to keep diary, fruits, and vegetables fresh. A large fridge/freezer combo is necessary for longer trips.

  • Some have a 3-way option to run off AC Power, DC Power, or LP Gas. RV models also automatically switch to run off LP Gas when there is no electricity.

    NOTE: Refrigerators in RVs are built to withstand the vibrations going down the road.

ARB 50qt Fridge Freezer. The portable fridges made today are light years beyond what you may find in a dingy RV made 10 or 15 years ago. The biggest improvement is that they consume a small fraction of electricity compared to their predecessors.

RV friges go from $1,100 to over $3000 for larger units. Contact RV dealers for closeouts and refurbished units.

  • Whynter Frige/freezer 110 or 12v

  • http://www.dometic.com/USA/

  • http://www.norcold.com/norcold/index.html

PROTIP: A free-standing fridge has flexibility anywhere, including outside.

ARRANGEMENT: Have the fridge near the door, face outside for easy access.

  • Cooler between seats

    LOCATION: In Winters, wheel the fridge in to the cockpit area (passenger seat area) which isn’t kept heated at night in the Winter.

    Fridge conversion chart

    STRATEGY: Is an ice maker a deal-breaker or a non-essential for you? I prefer more spece to the freezer unit, so I use the room for frozen foods, and make ice rather than keep liquids cold.

    4.3-cubic feet,

  • Use a level when installing to keep the unit level.

  • Adding a battery-operated RV refrigerator fan will not only decrease your cool down time by 50%, it also help temperatures remain more consistent. They run on two “D cell” batteries for 30 days or more. A great money-saving option, for only $15. From http://blog.rvshare.com/rv-refrigerators/

    ### Ice/Freezer compartment

    Ahhh. Cold ice cream on a hot day.

    But it takes more energy to keep food frozen. Constant energy.

    This would need to be put away when the van is moving.


  • Paneltronics

  • Two 12V AGM Gel batteries. Needed to power heater, laptop, monitor, etc..

    LOCATION: Separate from gas tanks.

  • Minn Kota charger


  • iPad on the wall held up by brackets.

  • Projection TV takes up ??? amps

The Earthroamer has a swivel wide TV with Bose sound bar


  • LED lighting (lower power). Battery powered ones don’t drain main battery.

  • plugs

Solar panel

  • A structure on the roof to walk, stand, sleep on.

    ARRANGEMENT: Space for storing smaller solar panels kept in the van so they don’t get stolen.

  • Boulder Panels from Goal Zero are that smaller size. Each panel puts out 11, but they can be chained together.


We need fresh water to live. But water is heavy.

  • Instead of big 20 gallon water tank, use separate blue water jugs for better portability and easier refill.

    Smaller jugs are easier to clean inside, and easily replaceable from WalMart.

    NOTE: There are separate colors for blue potable and gray water jugs.

  • RV water inlet port (with a lock) to fill water - Marinco 30 Amp electric and Shurflow Water Entry port

    rv external ports 586x366

  • RV drainage port from gray water tank.

  • RV electrical plug to charge batteries, etc. It’s 50V special adapter. American style different than European style.

  • A marine pump submersible into the jug.


Sink for Dishes (and Clothes Laundry?)

Water is needed for dish washing.

Hot water and Gray Water collector

  • Potable water above the sink so it’s gravity fed.

  • Black tubes above the van to collect hot water?

  • Instant hot water spigot from a unit under sink.

Not enough room for two sinks?

Clothes washing equipment is something that is rare to see within vans.

If occassional stops to a laundry Mat is not for you:

  • QUESTION: Is there one where I can use tub of $48.95 portable washing machine and spin-drier as a sink?


    It washes a few items at a time (5 lbs).

    STRATEGY: Have a larger sink. Sink from replaceable plastic tub instead of stainless steel

    ARRANGEMENT: Room for air drying clothes (and its humidity) also needs to be considered.

  • 6 Gallon hot water heater from Ariston

Hot Shower

This is a key differentiator why one would get a larger van (rather than sleeping in a car).

STRATEGY: Put the shower next to the door, so it can dry out by opening the door. This also makes it easier to remove humidity via air dry by just opening the door. This would entail having waterproof entryway, which we want anyway. The shower curtain around the door makes for a “mud room” which keeps out drafts into the van. Brilliant. It’s an easy way to wash out what is the dirtest part of the floor. Great for trips to the beach to get rid of sand on feet before entry.

  • Long hose showerhead reach outside to hose things down (by the beach). Or for an outdoor shower.

  • Curtain to keep out steam into the living space (which cause mildew).

  • STRATEGY: Put shoe storage near the door.

  • Track in ceiling so a box can be moved around easily. The storage box that uses the room when no one’s showering. But it slides out during showers on a track to put the storage unit in the hallway.

OPTION: Webasto heats both the water and the air. Installed only by certified installers. http://roadtreking.com/winterized-again-i-love-my-rvs-webasto-heater/ uses diesel gas. https://www.webasto.com/int/markets-products/truck/heating-systems/engine-off-technology/

  • A foot-pedal or motion-sensor switch to turn on and off water (like doctors have).

  • 5 inch hole for shower basin connection to gray water tank.

  • Gray water tank under floor, secured by 3/8” drill and tap.

  • RV Valterra 3 inch valve mount.

  • Heat wrap around gray water tank outside.


CAUTION: Police have been known to point to fecal matter in the van as a health violation.

STRATEGY: In small vans forgo the toilet to recoup its space, and use throw-away toilet boxes, VIDEO: like Space Station astronauts

STRATEGY: Place the toilet near the bed for quicker access (even though one can’t go very far in a little van)?

Chemical toilets like the ones on airplanes smell.

Anti-freeze in toilet.

  • Composting toilet smell much less.

Or if you’re at a place where there are bathrooms, wide-mouth bottles plus a simple single-use toilet could be enough.

Water in toilet area, when hosed down, flow outside.

Maserator on the hose.


The common thinking is that cloth washing machines and dryers take a lot of water and electricity.

Most van lifers who don’t have friends along the way use public coin laundry machines.

But consider All-in-One Compact Washer & Dryer combos:

If you have the room:


It’s Wi-Fi Enabled, Smart Home Enabled. On Facebook and Twitter, @LGUSSupport and include #VOC

If you don’t have the electricity, consider the GE 2.8 cu. ft. Capacity Portable Washer with Stainless Steel Basket $899 H 37.4 in, W 24 in, D 24.5 in

But you’ll have to put

LG Model # WM3555HWA have standard 3/4 inch BSP female threaded connectors on each end (standard size thread for washing machines).

Paint job

Paint on van as a Diaper disposal/pickup.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJFXWk3XrwCLlEOcfrym9Rg Alternative Homes Today


TV show: https://www.discoveryplus.com/show/van-go

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW-yTOKwaOE advanced-rv.com 440.283-0405 Willoughby, Ohio

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTbobJkI2b8 10 Questions I Wish I’d Asked before Hiring a Sprinter Van Conversion Company

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dcx1KNNTFtY How to Build Your Own Campervan! Mercedes Sprinter Camper-Van Conversion

PleasureWay Saksastuan Canada

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Fz2sM7sHw van builds you see on the website start at 25k

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mo1CqwD6Zc Hybrid Live/Work Van Conversion by Pro Woodworker murphy bed, 320V solar, toe-kick storage, storage for propane daveinaction.com

  • chains for tires in case of snow.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGiFmMGW9LA Outside magazine

sprintervandiaries.com on Instagram

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8EQAfueDGNeqb1ALm0LjHA ExploringAlternatives by Matt on https://www.patreon.com/exploringalternatives

glampervanlucy.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s-dfASH40U#t=529.045481558



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UW1eer1PY0E Will Burson

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feRAZOmOM3c DIY Van | 36 Day build time-lapse by RayOutfitted has rotating seats, tilting solar array, foam insulating panels under reflectix sheets, planks, plywood.


https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsQXRjzIJUuI819tMxiSd1A yamanomad.com (Calgary) recommended by in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNZuOeHHPUg Why we chose the Mercedes 170EXT Sprinter and HOW MUCH IT COST // VAN LIFE 43,000 with king size foam bed cut to fit



Autotrader.com used vans

VIDEO: Lee Blake’s Incredible Van Build

Lee Blake, oak of gedigan.org and YouTube channel via tiny.url/gedigan in Olde English means to survive well, to be comfortable.

  • Electric Bike Bafang 8fun: http://amzn.to/2oCujAq
  • Thetford Porta Potty: http://amzn.to/2pookxF
  • Kelly Moore Durapoxy: http://kellymoore.com/products/interior-paint/dura-poxy
  • C.R. Laurence: http://www.crlaurence.com/crlapps/showline/default.aspx?GroupID=21889
  • 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop: http://amzn.to/2oiXMvD $94.99 Nuwave Induction Cooktop heats iron (not aluminium) pan and not the surrounding air. Precise heat settings.
  • Propex Furnace: http://www.propexheatsource.com/westyman/
  • Road Premier Truck Mattress: http://amzn.to/2oiP8NV
  • Eagle Creek Packing Cubes: http://amzn.to/2oCTxPa
  • Renogy 400 Watt Solar Kit: Renogy 400 Watts: http://amzn.to/2pkRpwv
  • ODYSSEY Marine Battery Model PC1800-FT: http://amzn.to/2ozemJJ
  • AIMS Power PICOGLF20W12V120VR 2000W Pure Sine Inverter: http://amzn.to/2nQnb4O
  • For signs touch: Teslin Synthetic Paper printed and under laminate.
  • Engel SR-70F-U1 60 qt. built-in AC/DC front-open Fridge Freezer

    Living in a van [6:50] Visio drawing

  • Nissan 3500. holds 3 tons.
  • Induction Cooktop is Aroma AID-506
  • [5:58] Rack is custom designed and fabricated from 80/20 com rails and fittings
  • Bed is 30 x 80 (half of a regular queen) and is fine for me (6’3”, 205lbs). It raises up to access storage underneath, but does not extend. There is a porti-potti built into the center console. I have hot water and a sink in the truck for “basin baths” and the shower setup is in the back (outside). It uses a rod between the open doors and a series of curtains to make a completely private shower enclosure that can be heated with the swiveling furnace outlet.
  • CGear mat and a roll up aluminum platform on the ground.
  • Fridge is an Engel SR-70F-U1 (AC/DC) that has been running 24/7/365 for two years.
  • The awning is a Fiamma F35 Pro and the “tent” is their accessory “Privacy Room Lite” that attaches to the awning; not inexpensive but very stable and adds an enclosed patio to the truck.
  • [5:26] Campground services plug for 35 Amp and water.
  • [7:50] Solar 160 W for induction cooktop. 2x Odessey PC 1800 batteries, 200 AmH. 4000 W peak. 105 AhH switched via isolator. Can run 3 days off battery. Optima Digital 400 AGM battery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhPFdVeX9lw 1000 Watt pure sine wave inverter
  • Honda 1000 W (8 amp) generator on sale $799, 28 lbs. Real quiet. Can gang two together. Run 8 hours on .6 gallons. Hour a day is enough to fix breakfast and charge batteries.
  • Toaster from Japan

Random ideas

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg37Cbx-kak&t=748s Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary) Michael Tubbs

Metal posts

  • Toolbag, Drill, battery charger

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPgGHKixEnI Van Conversion Ideas | Lee’s Incredible Van Build 3 Update 2018 Enigmatic Nomadics

http://vandogtraveller.com/van-conversion-book-from-van-to-home/ $10 UK ebook on building a van


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JxvMd2y010 Choosing A Van to Live In: ProMaster vs Transit vs Sprinter by Shaun Wilkens Apr 28, 2018 http://www.rayphungphotography.com/van-conversion/electricity https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015DFMTS2/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B015DFMTS2&linkCode=as2&tag=shaunwilkens-20&linkId=d4c19b17ff6aaa12db9f9521c6805b8f Renogy 300 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar RV Kit Off-Grid Kit with 30A PWM LCD Charge Controller / Mounting Brackets / MC4 Connectors/ Solar Cables /Cable Entry housing $620

ACR From batter 125 amp fuse and cable 1000 watt pure sine inverter Refrigerator has separte fuse.

TOOL: http://circuitwizard.bluesea.com/#

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_p31M_EXLM Aug 5, 2021 christianchaffer.art/gear

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars