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Several utility websites are available publicly to scan websites for issues based on their rules.

This page describes their output and whether each finding is applicable/usable.



  • Status: 501 Protocol scheme ‘skype’ is not supported Could not check this link: method not implemented or scheme not supported.


    Action: Ignore this alert because the link is valid for clients which have a Skype client installed.

  • Status: 301 -> 200 OK This is a permanent redirect. The link should be updated.

    http://www.pinterest.com/wilsonmar4 redirected to https://www.pinterest.com/wilsonmar4

    Action: Fix links using https:// instead of http:// to avoid redirects that rob time from end-users and cycles from servers.

  • Status: 404 -> Not Found The link is broken. Double-check that you have not made any typo, or mistake in copy-pasting. If the link points to a resource that no longer exists, you may want to remove or fix the link.

    • https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=wilsonmar%40gmail.com
    • http://masoncurrey.com/Daily-Rituals/

    Action: Ignore. These links actually do resolve and get found.

  • Status 200 -> OK Some of the links to this resource point to broken URI fragments (such as index.html#fragment). Broken fragments:

    http://chartingthebeatles.com/#schedule (line 417)


    Action: At first it displays on a specific computer it sends an error, but if you wait a few seconds the website actually appears. The second time the website is requested then it loads correctly.

  • Status 200 -> OK

    Broken fragments: http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/the-curious-coders-java-web-frameworks-comparison-spring-mvc-grails-vaadin-gwt-wicket-play-struts-and-jsf/2/#!/ (line 245)

    Action: Ignore. This link may have issues opening the first time, but the website works. No issues to resolve.

  • Status 301 -> 200OK Line: 304 https://calendar.google.com/ redirected to https://www.google.com/

    This is a permanent redirect. The link should be updated.

    Action: Investigate. This is code that directs the user to their own calendar.

  • Status 301 -> 200 OK and also HTTP status code 3xx (Redirection) received and the HTTP Location header targets a relative URI

    Redirections should be avoided because of the usually high latency of mobile networks. Since the final URI of the resource is on the same server, server-based redirection may be possible and would save a round-trip between the server and the end user This is a permanent redirect. The link should be updated.

    http://gitter.im/wilsonmar redirected to https://gitter.im/login

    Action: Ignore. This is code that brings the user to the login for wilsonmar.
    If the user does not have a login yet, then it brings them to the main screen to create a login. It is working correctly here, nothing to change.

Google Page Speed

TODO: Add Google Page Speed

TODO: Add HP Service Virtualization