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I need this even though it’s querky


Below is the script for a video course I’m writing.


In this course you will learn how to protect your bank account and other websites from being hacked (as easily).

This is probably the most important tutorial I’ve created because it’s one thing we can do to keep our accounts safe from predators.

It’s not safe to use a single password on several websites because hackers use programs to try passwords.

It’s also not safe anymore to use a pattern to vary passwords slightly on each site because passwords from many breached websites are open, so hackers can now recognize patterns from several sites.

We should also use different user names for each site.

We can keep a list of passwords in a file.

But what if our laptop gets lost or stolen?

So what we need is a way to generate a different strong password for each website we use.

That’s what 1Password does.

If you forget your private information, several websites, such as Salesforce and job application site Valeo, don’t provide much support.

The software gives us access to a password list protected by a master password.

There are several products available to hold passwords.

1Password is unique in that it allows its password file to not leave the computer, and be stored in some cloud server for hackers to steal.

The software is called one password because you use one password to access all the passwords it saves.

This enables you to open the same website on any browser.

Moreover, this would enable someone to have access to your accounts in case you are disabled or die.

If you

NOTE: What the software doesn’t do is automatically change the password on every website.


Software is installed on your operating system.

Software also needs to be installed on each internet browser you have installed.

Erase passwords kept by Browsers

Internet browsers save passwords.

But this can be dangerous because any site you visit can potentially get at the file.

So we need a way

Install 1Password

Remove passwords in browsers

Google Chrome browser

Microsoft IE browser

Mozilla Firefox browser

Apple Safari browser

Other browsers

Since work is needed on each specific browser, the last I checked the new Brave browser has not been.

Transfer to a Windows machine

Transfer to an iPhone

Transfer to an Android



More on OSX

This is one of a series on Mac OSX: