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Budget spreadsheet


BTW, I am available to help you with this. Call me!

The spreadsheet

Click here to download spreadsheet:
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(select Save File).

BTW, the file was created using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

The columns

  • # contains counts of the deliverable.

  • Deliverables short description

  • Urgency: Number 1 is highest. You may want to use A,B,C,D instead here.

    This column is not used in any calculation.

  • Effort: Number for estimating, taken from Agile practitioners.

    This number may mean different things to different people.

    The coloring was set by highlighting the column and clicking Word’s Conditional Formatting icon on the Home ribbon or menu Format.

  • %: auto-calculated by an Excel formula.

    CAUTION: Typing in this column destroys the calculation.

  • Days: The number of man-days. The number in each row is a fraction of the total under the same column within the Totals tab. A separate tab is used so the Assets sheet can be sorted easier.

    Calculations are based on the percentage of Effort.

    CAUTION: Typing in this column destroys the calculation.

  • Yield: is for comment about the outcome (FTW).

  • Note:


This spreadsheet helps you realize when you’re over-extended with commitments.

Review the man-days to see if it’s reasonable,

The number of days at the bottom should be work-days (about 20 a month), less holidays, vacations, and a margin for various more urgent items that come up to eat up time along the way.

(> It’s better to under-commit and over-deliver than
over-commit and under-deliver.)

You can sort this spreadsheet by various columns.

Want someone to explain this to you? We’re available to help. Call me!

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