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Meet, greet, and spiff


Even if you don’t go, you need to know when and where conferences are because that’s where you customers (potential and otherwise) may be.

You don’t want to schedule your own events which competes with when your customers and vendors are away at conferences.

There are many ways to take advantage of events even if you are not an exhibitor (which requires thousands of dollars).


  • Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas each January. The largest convention in the world for any industry.

  • Techcrunch Disrupt Sep 12-14, 2016 San Francisco

  • Fluent O’Reilly
  • Gartner

Process focus

  • Agile Alliance in July various cities in the Southern US @AgileAlliance
    #agile2016, etc.

  • Lean Startup Conference
  • Global Scrum Gathering Orlando
  • Agile and Beyond
  • Agile Dev West and East

  • SANS.org Network Security Sat, Sep 10 - Mon, Sep 19, 2016 Las Vegas

Specific Technology focus

Many conferences are setup like flash mobs about whatever hot buzzword is popular at the moment.

In 2017, it’s “cloud-native”, “12 factor app”, etc.


  • AnDevCon for Android
  • AnsibleFest Brooklyn 2016 Oct 11, Brooklyn Marriott $389
  • API World.co Sep 12-14, San Jose Convention Center
  • APIStrat.com API Strategy & Practice Conference November 2nd-4th, 2016 Boston, MA [videos]

  • ArchConf in Clearwater (St. Petersburg Tampa), Florida $2,555 December 11-14, 2017

  • Restfest.org/us RESTful Web Services Unconference September 15-17, 2016 Greenville, SC [video]

  • Blackhat in July Vegas
  • Cloud Computing Expo
  • ContainerCamp
  • CoreOS Fest

  • DockerCon
  • Defcon

  • GitHub Universe Sep 13-16, 2016 Pier 70, SF
  • Google Test Automation Conference

  • Hadoop Summit San Jose
  • Hadoop World-StrataConf

  • Jenkins World 2016 by Cloudbees Sep 13-15, Santa Clara Convention Center

  • KrankyGeek WebRTC

  • LinuxCon #ApacheCon

  • Monitorama
  • Mobile World Congress Barcelona
  • MobileDevCon

  • NodeSummit.com July 27-28, 2016 San Francisco, CA

  • OSCon
  • WearablesDevCon

For enterprise job titles

For devops

For developers

  • Code on the Beach.com August 12 - 14, 2016 Atlantic Beach, Florida $399

  • QCon New York qconnewyork.com #qconnewyork Jun 13-15, workshops Jun 16-17
  • QCon San Francisco qconsf.com #qconsf Nov 7-9, workshops Nov 10-11

  • DeveloperWeek was first in San Francisco, then spread to New York City.

  • No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS)

Vendor specific

Location specific multi-technology


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More on Evanglism

This post is one of a (planned) series:

  1. Job Descriptions
  2. Resumes (mine)

  3. Evangelism dependencies
  4. Deliverables and Events Budgeting spreadsheet
  5. Evangelism Cost-Benefit analysis (Bang-for-the-buck comparion)

  6. Events and Conferences
  7. Calendar of Announcements
  8. Milestone events

  9. Social media
  10. Social media strategy
  11. Tweets
  12. Sentiment analysis (of favorable words or not)
  13. Responses to social media
  14. Tech Press mentions

  15. Competitive Comparisons (by analysts and others)
  16. Competitive Strategy
  17. Competitive Comparison Kit (for people to run for themselves)
  18. Objections, and how to handle them

  19. Target Customers
  20. Customer References
  21. Proof Points
  22. Email databases (User Acquisition)
  23. Remarketing of current or lapsed users

  24. Product websites
  25. Product wikis
  26. User Forums (Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.)
  27. Surveys

  28. Product Roadmaps
  29. Release Schedule
  30. Tasks
  31. Issues

  32. Enviornments for development, testing, demos, training, etc.
  33. Demo presentation scripts
  34. Beta activities
  35. Release Notes

  36. Tutorials
  37. Live event sign-up administration
  38. Webinars
  39. Video production capability
  40. Live Video Streaming

  41. Spiffs
  42. Hackathons
  43. Participating in Conferences
  44. Running Conferences
  45. Dynamic projections of tweets, etc.

  46. Recruitment follow-up