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Response code & Location in HTTP header

2XX - valid:

  * 200 - valid
  * 202 - PUT successful

3XX - redirects

  * 302 Redirect
  * 304 Not modified

4XX - error

  * 403 is the AWS response for not authorized
  * 404	Not Found
  * 406	The request you made is not acceptable
  * 410 Gone (deprecated)

5XX - server errors

  * 500	Requested Range Not Satisfiable

Deprecated 410 Gone response

Submitting this:


yields this with a 410 Gone HTTP response code:

This API has been deprecated. Please upgrade to our new APIs: https://developer.spotify.com/web-api/migration-guide/

Format of response file type

Currently, three output formats are available:

  • XML (such as https://www.usa.gov/api/USAGovAPI/contacts.xml/contacts) is now considered old-school because

  • JSON (such as https://www.usa.gov/api/USAGovAPI/contacts.json/contacts)

  • JSONP (such as https://www.usa.gov/api/USAGovAPI/contacts.jsonp/contacts?callback=callmemaybe). When requesting JSONP, you should include a callback parameter with the name of the callback function you would like called.

  • YML

  • CSV for import into Excel and other spreadsheets

  • Google Sheet referenced by data processors

More on API Microservices

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