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An inventory of APIs is available from:

Below are some major ones API developers should know about:





  • Expedia travel

  • Everytrail has rich information on travel sites and media about them. It returns XML. A wiki is provided.



Flickr API

Flickr provides an API to access images contributed by its users.

Flicker was purchased by Yahoo, which is why API keys for it are obtained through a Yahoo sign-on.

The description:


and the App Garden at:


of code using code from:


Management console:



Google’s maps is the most-referenced API according to ProgrammableWeb.

Among Google’s many API products:

  • Google’s Civic Infomation API enables developers to build applications that let citizens and voters know about their political representation and voting locations. First released in 2012, it supplies official information for every state and the District of Columbia. Version 2 released in 2015 adds ballot drop-off and early voting locations.


US federal jobs

http://usasearch.howto.gov/developer/jobs.html collects jobs posted by government at several levels (federal, state, etc.).

No API is required for access.

A sample free-form query:


US Weather

http://graphical.weather.gov/xml/rest.php provides weather prediction in XML.

A sample request:


Elements are described at http://graphical.weather.gov/xml/docs/elementInputNames.php

  • product “time-series”
  • end=2016-05-01T0:00:00

BLAH: Sample code to present the information is not provided by the site.

US Census

http://www.census.gov/developers contains a wide list of data available freely.

BLAH: Even though this site is maintained by a federal organization, not all datasets have data for the entire nation (all 50 states of the union and territories).

The javascript SDK for US Census Bureau data stored at GitHub CitySDK and described at https://uscensusbureau.github.io/citysdk, includes simple integrations to facilitate mash-up of other open datasets.

The JavaScript uses the “Module pattern” of coding that uses a “closure”.

A sample end point for data from the 2010 census for all states:


The … above is replaced by each user’s own API key obtained from email after registration at http://api.census.gov/data/citysdk.html

US White House

https://github.com/WhiteHouse/api-standards#pragmatic-rest was created with participation by Kin Lane.

Other APIs

https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2014/04/wanted-simple-apis-without-authentication/ lists several.

  • Ford
  • GM
  • Citrix


A mashup app combines data from several Web APIs in its presentation.

More on API Microservices

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