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GitHub’s REST API was perfect. Now THIS is more perfect.

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GitHub provides a well-known API that accepts a lot of traffic.

GitHub’s API is considered an industry-standard we would do well to emulate:

GitHub’s GraphQL

See https://developer.github.com/early-access/graphql/

Use the https://developer.github.com/early-access/graphql/explorer/

Perform an introspection query. As the GraphQL schema matures, new data types appear.

Make a single call to retrieve (rather than many REST API calls).

Response is structured using the same JSON hierarchy as the call.

Changes can occur with less fuss than REST API.

PowerShellforGitHubGraphQL module

I couldn’t find a PSGallery module for referencing GitHub’s GraphQL, so I set out to create one when that’s what Karol Kaczmarek suggested I do.



The Functions folder contains Private and Public folders.

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