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How I got in front of the GraphQL and PowerShell parade.


GraphQL is eating REST API, and GitHub is at the front of the parade of famous users.

GitHub has two API’s, both considered industry-standards others would do well to emulate:

I couldn’t find a PSGallery module for referencing GitHub’s GraphQL, so I set out to create one when that’s what Karol Kaczmarek suggested I do.

GitHub’s GraphQL

  1. DONE: Sign up at https://github.com/prerelease/agreement

  2. Contact Early Support team


GraphQL based on REST

  1. What’s the name?

    “PowerShellForGitHubGraphQL” ???

    “PowerShellForGitHubQL” ???

  2. Download as zip

    This is based on the PowerShell module which calls GitHub REST APIs in PowerShell:


  3. Modify all “PowerShellForGitHub” to “PowerShellForGitHubGraphQL”.

    • README.md


    • See http://www.appveyor.com/docs/appveyor-yml

    • .psd1 module manifest
    • .psm1
  4. Rename modules:

    • GitHubAnalytics.psm1 to GitHubQLAnalytics.psm1 ???
  5. Get agreement from existing authors.

    Karol: Make them commiters? If so, mention contact info in README?

  6. Consolidate:

    • GitHubTokens.psm1
    • etc.

    https://github.com/pcgeek86/PSGitHub by Trevor Sullivan

    • .github/CONTRIBUTING.md
    • .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
    • .github/PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md
    • .gitattributes
    • .gitignore
    • TabCompleters/GitHub.Repositories.ps1

    https://github.com/Iristyle/Posh-GitHub written Ethan J. Brown installed by Chocolately.

    • .editorconfig
    • GitHub-Mark.png
    • powershell_logo.png
    • Posh-GitHub-Profile-readme.md
  7. Consolidate modules:

    TODO: Merge from other repos?

    https://github.com/pcgeek86/PSGitHub by Trevor Sullivan

    • Classes/GitHubGist.ps1
    • Classes/GitHubIssue.ps1
    • Classes/GitHubRepository.ps1
    • Functions/Private/Get-GitHubToken.ps1
    • Functions/Private/Invoke-GitHubApi.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Find-GitHubRepository.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Get-GitHubAssignee.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Get-GitHubAuthenticatedUser.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Get-GitHubGist.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Get-GitHubMilestone.ps1
    • Functions/Public/New-GitHubGist.ps1
    • Functions/Public/New-GitHubIssue.ps1
    • Functions/Public/New-GitHubRepository.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Remove-GitHubGist.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Remove-GitHubRepository.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Save-GitHubGist.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Set-GitHubAuthenticatedUser.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Set-GitHubGist.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Set-GitHubIssue.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Set-GitHubRepository.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Set-GitHubToken.ps1
    • Functions/Public/Test-GitHubAssignee.ps1
    • Tests/Unit/psgithub.tests.ps1

    https://github.com/davidobrien1985/githubconnect by David O’Brien

    • Public/authentication.ps1
    • Public/branch.ps1
    • Public/organisation.ps1
    • Public/pullrequest.ps1
    • Public/repository.ps1
    • Public/teams.ps1
    • Public/webhook.ps1

    https://github.com/Iristyle/Posh-GitHub written Ethan J. Brown installed by Chocolately.

    • Posh-GitHub-Profile.ps1
  8. Get Appyveyor build project:


  9. Improve README

    Mention https://www.appveyor.com/ build server in the cloud

    Mention https://www.powershellgallery.com/

  10. Define License:


  11. Define README:


    Continue from Posh-GitHub:

  12. Define repo at:


    Title: Microsoft PowerShell wrapper for GitHub’s GraphQL API

    TODO: Karol?

  13. Construct for PSGallery:

    Follow http://www.systemcentercentral.com/day-19-creating-online-powershellget-repository/

    From: PowerShell Package Management Archictecture 2016

  14. Register-ModuleSource - Add to PSGallery:

  15. List the many fields in metadata for module PowerShellForGitHubGraphQL:

    $response.GetEnumerator() | ?{ $_.Name -eq "PowerShellForGitHubGraphQL" } | format-list

    The response:

    Name                       : PowerShellForGitHubGraphQL
    Version                    : 0.1.0
    Type                       : Module
    Description                : PowerShell wrapper for GitHub GraphQL API
    Author                     : Microsoft Corporation
    CompanyName                : PowerShellTeam
    Copyright                  : (c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights 
    PublishedDate              : 7/27/16 8:33:44 PM
    InstalledDate              : 
    UpdatedDate                : 
    LicenseUri                 : https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShellForGitHubGraphQL/
    ProjectUri                 : https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShellForGitHubGraphQL
    IconUri                    : 
    Tags                       : {GitHub, GraphQL, API, PowerShell, PSModule}
    Includes                   : {Cmdlet, Workflow, Function, DscResource...}
    PowerShellGetFormatVersion : 
    ReleaseNotes               : 
    Dependencies               : {}
    RepositorySourceLocation   : https://www.powershellgallery.com/api/v2/
    Repository                 : PSGallery
    PackageManagementProvider  : NuGet
    AdditionalMetadata         : {developmentDependency, FileList, 
                              isLatestVersion, IsPrerelease...}




Environment Variables

Cmdlets are set to use the following environment variables as defaults

GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN - Required for all cmdlets - use New-GitHubOAuthToken to establish a token and automatically set this variable for the current user

GITHUB_USERNAME - Can be optionally set to specify a global default user - use the Set-GitHubUserName helper

GITHUB_ORGANIZATION - Can be optionally set to specify a global default organization - use the Set-GitHubOrganization helper

Last Command Output

A Powershell object created from the incoming JSON is always stored in the variable $GITHUB_API_OUTPUT after each call to the GitHub API

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