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Ways to enjoy your life more through automation

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Our organization can assembly, configure, and ship completed IoT devices which are read for use.

There are several end-uses for a computer that are constantly on.

  • Run a local Gitlab server to mirror repositories on your laptop so all changes are immediately replicated on the Pi in case your laptop dies suddenly.

  • Run a server off a large USB hard drive as a local duplicate (mirror) of what is on cloud servers (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc.) to assure local access even when the internet is down.

  • Run a local Hadoop cluster database providing local processing of long-running computer jobs.

  • Display a dashboard web page such as Kibana for log statistics, Grafana for machine statistics, or SAP process and organizational metrics.

  • Display web pages that refreshes itself automatically (news feeds and web cams).

  • Play a movie (mp4 file) continuously or on-demand.

  • Display feeds from a close-circuit USB Camera.

  • Make voice announcements as needed by playing sound files or synthesized from text.

  • Display your email so you can just glance at it (at a security risk).

  • Run an IoT Gateway server for home automation.

  • Raspberry Pi thermometer you can access anywhere (a beginner’s guide) via the Dataplicity cloud.

  • Pool Temperature Monitoring and Pump Control with the Pi Zero W

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