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One aspect of the “A” of the JAM stack (JavaScript, APIs, Microservices ) - APIs called by JavaScript from within static sites - is shopping.

Here are the offerings for “headless” ecommerce web services:

  1. If you’re selling a few each month, you don’t want monthly charges.
    Gumroad charges 5% + $2 on each sale, on top of credit card charges.

  2. Woocommerce

  3. If you have at least $500 steady sales each month,
    Snipcart.com charges $10 a month minimum if they do not get more than $500 from the 2% they charge on every transaction.

  4. Stripe

  5. PayPal

  6. Shopify

  7. Foxycart (see https://t.co/MbjI57285c)


I feel like I’m on an airline with Gumroad. There’s a price for everything.

https://gist.github.com/melborne/5393407 provides a liquid tag for Gumroad Overlay


Snipcart provides tutorials

Jekyll generator dated June 01, 2016 at

  • http://snipcart.github.io/snipcart-jekyll-integration/ is the demo site
  • https://github.com/snipcart/snipcart-jekyll-integration contains code for the demo
  • https://snipcart.com/blog/static-site-e-commerce-part-2-integrating-snipcart-with-jekyll describes how to construct the demo

Gatsby generator



More on front-end software development

This is one of several topics:

  1. Text Editors
  2. Markdown text for GitHub from HTML
  3. 508 Accessibility

  4. JAM Stack Website Project Plan
  5. HTTP/2 Transition Project Plan
  6. Static websites
  7. Jekyll Site Development

  8. Website styles
  9. Website Styling
  10. VueJs front-end framework

  11. Email from website
  12. Search within Hyde format Jekyll websites
  13. Windows Tile Pin Picture to Website Feed

  14. Data Visualization using Tableau