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One aspect of the “A” of the JAM stack - APIs called by JavaScript from within static sites - is shopping.

Here are the offerings:

If you’re selling a few each month, you don’t want monthly charges.
Gumroad charges 5% + $2 on each sale, on top of credit card charges.

If you have at least $500 steady sales each month,
Snipcart.com charges $10 a month if they do not get more than $500 from the 2% they charge on every transaction.

Gumroad coding

I feel like I’m on an airline with Gumroad. There’s a price for everything.


https://gist.github.com/melborne/5393407 provides a liquid tag for Gumroad Overlay

More on front-end software development

This is one of several topics:

  1. Text Editors
  2. Markdown text for GitHub from HTML
  3. 508 Accessibility

  4. JAM Stack Website Project Plan
  5. HTTP/2 Transition Project Plan
  6. Static websites
  7. Jekyll Site Development

  8. Website styles
  9. Website Styling

  10. Email from website
  11. Search within Hyde format Jekyll websites
  12. Windows Tile Pin Picture to Website Feed

  13. Data Visualization using Tableau