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Whether it’s wanted or not

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Let me know if you know of more features.

Some features that can be added (offered in other themes and templates) include:

## Landing page #

  1. Infinite scrolling brings additional content on the page automatically as (or before) user scrolls down (without clicking “more”)

  2. georgeioannou.com has a light table or carosel arranging clickable pictures

  3. Category links to display selected items for each category (to not overwhelm visitors)

  • Custom icon (favico.ico/png) appearing on browser tabs
  • Apple Touch images mobile
  • Windows 10 desktop tile images
  1. Timed image auto-rotates doesn’t force visitors to click for next page. But they can if they want.

  2. Text about each graphic

  3. Audio about each graphic

  4. Global-nav links are in text to enable localization.

  5. “Top” icon/link at the bottom of the page

  • Top of page link/icon
  • Visual site map
  • Breadcrumb trail

  • Search field (and custom response page)

  • Previous and Next article
  • Also enjoy these others in this same site

  • Link back to site (“this site”)

    ## Authentication #

  • Facebook
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

  • Amazon Cognito Identity User Pools

    ## Personalization

  • Lookup location based on IP
  • Confirm identity simply, such as clicking a pre-agreed image
  • Time-appropriate greeting based on visitor’s local time zone
  • Personalized greeting based on personalization data stored in browser during previous session
  • Store history of browser version, OS, etc.

  • Cookie policy verification (for EU)
  • Display most popular post on anonymous landing

    ## Social

    scr colorful social buttons 21x86-1kb

  1. Gray icons at the bottom of the page

  2. Colorful icons shown all the time at the edges to be “in the face” of visitors encourages clicking?

  • Default author information display
  • Request for visitor email to subscribe
  • Visitor comments using Disqus
  • Commenting buttons to create a post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Social buttons to the author’s eminations on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Email form to provide feedback

    ## Text #

  1. A sub-title provides additional explanation (jokes) about the topic.

  2. Wide “hero” images add visual context, at a cost download time.

  3. Title text is clickable to access the site externally


  • Site XML file for Google Search to discover
  • Google Analytics JavaScript

  • Google search ownership file
  • Bing search site ownership file

    ## Monitization #

  • Google ads
  • Shop (t-shirts, etc.)

    ## Performance #

  • Asychronous update of a section rather than entire form (submit)
  • Minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Google AMP coding


  • Make this page into a form where people can check what they want, save it, send it to others, etc.

More on front-end software development

This is one of several topics:

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  16. Protractor to automate testing of Angular and other web pages

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