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What I build


Internet of Things

  1. IoT Acronymns and Abbreviations

  2. IoT Apprentice school curriculum
  3. IoT use cases
  4. IoT reminders prevent dead mobile battery
  5. IoT barn feeder

  6. IoT text to speech synthesis
  7. IoT AWS button
  8. Intel IoT
  9. IoT Raspberry hardware
  10. IoT Raspberry installation

  11. IoT Clouds
  12. Samsung IoT Cloud

NOTE: Pages about GE’s Predix have been removed.


  1. Text Editors
  2. Markdown text for GitHub from HTML
  3. 508 Accessibility

  4. HTTP/2 Transition Project Plan
  5. Static websites
  6. JAM Stack Website Project Plan
  7. Jekyll Site Development
  8. Gatsby app generator

  9. Website styles
  10. Website Styling
  11. VueJs front-end framework

  12. Protractor to automate testing of Angular and other web pages

  13. Email from website
  14. Search within Hyde format Jekyll websites
  15. Windows Tile Pin Picture to Website Feed

  16. Data Visualization using Tableau


  • Load-balanced servers in AWS EC2, Google Cloud, Azure

  • Dynamic websites (using React with Redux and Bootstrap in front of Scala.js)

  • Hybrid mobile and desktop web (SAP HANA Fiori SAPUI5 using jQuery and Cordova)

  • Android mobile apps (using React Native)

  • iOS mobile apps (using React Native)

  • Test automation scripts to test the above (Selenium, Appium, JMeter, LoadRunner)

  • Code generation of test automation Java scripts to test the above

Let me and my colleagues help you with these. Call me!