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Sample code and tutorial here

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JavaScript is popular now.

This is one of a series on how LoadRunner has embraced JavaScript:

  1. Create TruClient script with JavaScript.

  2. Call JavaScript within a LoadRunner C-language script.

  3. Scripting in JavaScript language (instead of C or Java).

Here are examples of each.

Create TruClient scripts with JavaScript

Download Zip of the UISamples TruClient script repository at:


There are several TruClient scripts there, each in a separate folder.

The HP example shows a website that can only be load tested using TruClient (not C programming).

I created a whole 2-day hands-on class explaning these.

It is a good example of string and number functions within JavaScript.

Call me to get up and running on TruClient quickly.

Call JavaScript within a LoadRunner C-language script

A tutorial on how you can create and use a JavaScript file within a LoadRunner C-language script (using Agile principles) is in the README.md file within the the random_birthdate_js folder at:


Download a Zip the whole set of LoadRunner sample scripts from:


If you have a Git client, clone the set of LoadRunner sample scripts using command:

git clone https://github.com/wilsonmar/LoadRunner.git

Call me to get good at JavaScript without wasting a lot of time.

Script LoadRunner in JavaScript language

The tutorial on coding JavaScript within a LoadRunner Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol script is at:


The sample script referenced by this tutorial is at:


Resources to Learn JavaScript

There are many tutorials which teach JavaScript string manipulation and other topics:

  • freecodecamp.com has learners use tutorials on codeacademy.com and other sites, then adds quizzes, all for free.

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This article is one of a series about tuning and performance: