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Videos of answers to the same questions


Exhibitor Sheet

257 exhibitors are listed on https://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/expo.

I created this Google Sheet and added:

  • _Type of company
  • _stars, _Rec (recommend to a friend), _CEO rating, _#revs (number of reviews) in Glassdoor

  • _URL of company
  • _Profile page on Salesforce
  • _LinkedIn company URL
  • _booth number at Dreamforce

  • _YouTube account page

  • _Twitter account URL
  • _TFollowers (Twitter followers)
  • _TJoinedYr (Twitter join year)
  • _TLocation (location specified on Twitter)
  • _TDesc (Description on Twitter account)

Not included is the Crunchbase ranking of companies.

Videos with each exhibitor

At Salesforce Dreamforce #DF18, we are recording a short video talking with each exhibitor, for posting on YouTube. I’m doing these videos for those want to be there but cannot attend the largest software convention in the world by the most beloved software company.

These videos are different because we ask a representative from each vendor the same questions (below) so we can cut an additional video featuring the best answers among all exhibitor companies.

QUESTION: Please send me contact information to them you know. We need to contact each one ahead of time to get signed releases.

Please review the list of questions we intend on asking (based on a review of the best questions job candidates should ask):

Questions of exhibitors

Asked of each ISV (software vendor):

  1. How does you organization add value? What “pain points” do you address?
  2. What differentiates what you provide?
  3. How does it work? What is the tech under the hood?
  4. How can people get trained on your technology?

    • “We have free 7-day trials, with unlimited free access to StackOverflow.com. Or you can come to our 5-day class for $3,000.”
    • “Like Salesforce, we have free in-depth tutorials and provide free cloud instances with no time limits.”

Asked of each services provider:

  1. What is your company’s specialty?

  2. What specifically differentiates what you provide?

    • “We have the best people. We have the best culture. We have the latest technologies. Blah. Blah. Blah.”
    • “Like GitLab and Automattic, we stay transparent by having people write blogs rather than PowerPoints.”

  3. What do people have to do to get to work on new technologies like artificial intelligence?

    • “That’s between people and their boss.”
    • “The company provides free Pluralsight licenses. Travel to one conference a year. And I personally get up at 5 AM every day to study for certification exams, which the company pays for whether I pass or not.”

  4. How do people at your organization maintain work-life balance?

    • “We offer to freeze employees’ eggs so they can have children later.”
    • “We work with our customers so our people fly during weekdays and we train our customers on how to manage remote employees.”

    At all booths, additional questions are:

  5. At Glassdoor.com, what percentage of employees say they would recommend your organization to a friend?

    • “64%, but we just got a new CEO, but don’t listen to the sour grapes people.”
    • “84%, and we’re ranked #10 on the Forbes Best Places to Work list.”

  6. What has your company done to encourage collaboration and teamwork among people in different departments?

    • “The directors get together. And we have a cafeteria.”
    • “We have weekly all-hands lunches. We have a professional organizational psychologist working with us and have implemented programs to achieve and leverage diversity. The whole company travels to a retreat every 9 months.”

  7. What does your company do to be different than other employers?

    • “Employees don’t have to pay medical insurance premiums.”

  8. Do you give out souvenirs (spiffs)? Is there a story behind why this item?

  9. Who do we contact for more information? Do you have a QR code for people to reach your URL in the video?

  10. What does your company do to get its people to do mor? Does your company or CEO have a motto?

If you have other questions I can ask, please let me know.

The idea is to get past what we can read on websites, yet keep it short.

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