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Build a portfolio of apps you built yourself


Increasingly, Salesforce job descriptions require job candidate to have completed Salesforce Trailhead projects and SuperBadges to prove what they can do.

So I’m making vidoes on how to construct the projects, step-by-step.


https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/superbadges defines skill-based, domain-level “specialist” challenges that grants a graphic credential (to put on resume) to those completing modules of real-life business scenario for which you have to build a solution across entire feature areas.

PROTIP: Don’t make the mistake made by many Salesforce novices who avoid looking at Superbadges until “later”. Superbadges prescribe an order to taking the pre-requisite Trailhead Modules and projects.

PROTIP: I’ve arranged this list of superbadges in a rough sequence for taking them.

https://toptrailblazers.com/b/super_badges lists the number of people who have completed each (around 2-300 at last count).

  1. The Security Specialistsf-superbadge-security-specialist.png [4 - 6 hours] works with standard objects. Its pre-requisite Modules:

    PROTIP: Good to do this earlier because it impacts and controls everything else.

  2. Business Administration Specialistsf-superbadge-business-administration-specialist.png [4 - 6 hrs] It makes use of the BSX Unmanaged Package by CPBHE. Its pre-requisite Modules:

    PROTIP: Good to do this earlier because it provides the “why” of Salesforce adoption payoffs.

  3. The Process Automation Specialistsf-superbadge-process-automation-specialist.png [6 - 8 hrs] Its pre-requisite Modules:

  4. Apex Specialistsf-superbadge-apex-specialist.png [8 - 12 hrs] Its pre-requisite Modules:

  5. App Customization Specialistsf-superbadge-App-Customization-Specialist.png [4 - 6 hrs] Its pre-requisite Modules:

  6. Lightning Experience Specialistsf-superbadge-lightning-experience-specialist.png [4 - 6 hrs] Its pre-requisite Modules:

  7. Lightning Component Framework Specialistsf-superbadge-lightning-component-framework-specialist.png [10 - 12 hrs]] Its pre-requisite Modules:

    PROTIP: This uses the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) markup.

  8. Lightning Experience Rollout Specialistsf-superbadge-lightning-experience-rollout-specialist.png [9 - 12 hrs] Its pre-requisite Modules:

  9. Advanced Apex Specialistsf-superbadge-advanced-apex-specialist.png [12 - 16 hrs] Its pre-requisite Modules:

    • Apex Specialist Superbadge
    • Data Integration Specialist Superbadge
    • Lightning Component Framework Specialist Superbadge
    • PROJECT: Build a Conference Management App [3 hrs 40 mins]

  10. Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialistsf-superbadge-lightning-experience-reports-dashboards-specialist.png [4 - 6 hrs] takes the place of the “Reports & Dashboards Specialist” superbadge retired in 2017. Its pre-requisite Modules:

  11. Einstein Analytics Data Prepartion Specialistsf-superbadge-einstein-analytics-data-preparation-specialist.pngAnalytics Administration Basics [1 hr 35 mins] Its pre-requisite Modules:

    (Follow @SForceAnalytics)

  12. Data Integration Specialistsf-superbadge-data-integration-specialist.png [8 - 15 hrs] Its pre-requisite Modules:


At last count, there are 81 Salesforce Trailhead projects for developers. 43 are for Admins 34 are intermediate projects. 13 are advanced projects.

PROTIP: Many of the projects introduce techniques for connecting Salesforce with external systems.

  • Heroku
  • IoT
  • Apple Watch
  • Docker

Project: Build a Battle Station App [2 hrs 30 mins]

No sound, watching someone seemingly clicking around randomly:

  1. 7:04 May 17, 2018
  2. 17:14 May 17, 2018
  3. 21:05 May 17, 2018
  4. 11:52 May 17, 2018
  5. 28:46 May 17, 2018
  6. 3:29 May 17, 2018

Trailhead apps

Salesforce people have created (and maintained) several reference apps that demonstrate best-practices when building with Salesforce.

PROTIP: Click the app name to reach directly its GitHub repository under https://github.com/trailheadapps

  • Recipies was made with Lightning Web Components.

  • EBikes was made with Lightning Web Components.

  • DreamHouse was made to be installed using Salesforce DX

  • Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) defines merchandise mix for retailers. It uses Lightning components.

  • Pure Aloe is for a non-profit agriculture, and retail app built with Lightning components, Lightning Flow and platform events.

  • DreamInvest is a financial services app to find mutual funds based on several criteria (return, sector, etc). This app demonstrates how to build configurable Lightning Components Salesforce admins can use to create sophisticated apps in App Builder. It features Performance Best Practices such a Data Caching.

  • Easy Spaces is an event management app built with dynamic flows, Flow Actions, and object-agnostic Lightning components. This app also demonstrates how to structure your source code for modular distribution using unlocked packages.

List of Trailmix featuring the apps listed above.

Additionally, repos not listed in the sample-gallery web page:

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Tutorials under construction (listed alphabetically):

  • Salesforce Apex programming
  • Salesforce Apex Testing
  • Salesforce APIs
  • Salesforce Automation
  • Salesforce Bolt
  • Salesforce Customization (objects, fields, page layouts)
  • Salesforce Field Service
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